About the campaign

So what is Parts for Life, why are we doing it, and why should you get involved?

Parts for Life is a campaign and a movement to preserve cars as well as endangered animals. It is a way for us to contribute with benefits for you as a Saab owner and the inhabitants of this planet.

How does it work?

Take your Saab to an authorized Service Center and have Original Saab parts installed and you will benefit from a lifetime warranty on those Original parts.

Activate your lifetime warranty at partsforlife.com by completing your details on a simple online form. Your lifetime warranty will then be activated, and you will receive a Parts for Life certificate to show your involvement in our campaign. At the end of 12 months we will give a donation to the organization Nordens Ark. This contribution will help save endangered animals around the world.

Then your Original Saab parts are guaranteed for life, and you can enjoy the content, facts and competitions of the campaign.